Monday, January 25, 2010

Justice League Unlimited: Green Arrow

As a kid, I loved Green Arrow. The Super Friends was my only real access to the character, since I was not a big comic reader. My parents were both into archery (Dad, mostly), so I had real bows and arrows around as a kid. Later on, my favorite part of The Dark Knight Returns was the bull-headed, one armed madman Green Arrow. Then came Justice League Unlimited.

Voiced by Soap Opera actor Kin Shriner, JLU brought Green Arrow back to life for me. He is similar to Batman, in that he has no super powers, is a rich playboy, and relies on physical prowess and hi-tech armaments to fight crime. On the plus side, he is not (as far as JLU goes) a hardened vigilante with a dark side. Green Arrow is out for justice, and when he first appears he is battling armed thugs... Gang members, robbers and the like. He is not interested in saving the world, but in protecting people from the crimes and abuses that the heavy-hitters cannot bother themselves with.

He gets all the good lines too. He is a bit like Spider-Man was in the '70s and '80s, wise cracking and tough, but not vicious (typically) in word or deed.

Green Arrow: [to Chloe over radio] Green Arrow to Watch Tower. Boy Scout's out of the woods.
Superman: Boy Scout?
Green Arrow: If you hadn't run off all half-cocked, you could've picked your own codename. You don't wanna play for the team, that's fine. Be smart about it.
Superman: Point taken. Where's Bart?
Green Arrow: Impulse? He didn't get to pick his own codename either.



Have you seen THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD's take on the character? It is fantastic.

Green Arrow was my favorite Mego superhero toy.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I forget if I've seen him on BatB. I need to start recording that again. They were running the same six episodes back when I had it on the DVR.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Looks like we are sharing the same brain again. I have been all over those great Justice League Unlimited episodes. They did so many character's right but I was so happy he got the star treatment. I always loved the way he never felt envious or beneath the more superpowered guys he hung out with like Green Lantern. Always giving Superman the 'business' and that competition with Batman. So Sweet. You know both of them KNOW GA won Black Canary fair and square - not that Batman would ever admit he liked her too. His relationship with Supergirl in the cartoon is really cool too. I like the old school version on BB because of the way he abuses Speedy who just asks for it. And that is another thing...why couldn't Speedy get some bow and arrow related code name???

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Kal - Yeah, what's up with "Speedy" as a name? Maybe they were trying to compete with Captain America and Bucky?

I vaguely remember one episode where Batman was saying not to follow Superman, because he's got nothing to lose. Don't follow the dude who can't be killed. GA is IMHO a better choice than The Bat on sanity points alone. :-D

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

On totally. GA gets the irony of dressing up in costumes to do what they do in a way that Batman would never concider.

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