Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's do the time warp too soon!

Sure, we all love talking about how much we are going to miss David Tennant and how we are thrilled/scared/worried about Matt Smith, but I am going to jump ahead to #12. That's right, time to debate Matt Smith's replacement before the scar tissue has formed on his Doctor Who hymen.

Now, there has been talk prior to Smith getting the role of it being time for a female Doctor, or a "Doctor of Color" and I couldn't agree more. Now, apart from the diversity aspect of an Asian or African Doctor, there would be little change to the character. It would be highly inappropriate to make a big deal out of his race every episode. A female Doctor, on the other hand, would be a man trapped in a woman's body. Even though there are personality changes after the regeneration, it is the same character. There are two things they could do here:
  1. Make a big deal out of it... Have The Doctor fall in love with a new companion, but have the new gender be the obstacle.
  2. Have The Doctor encounter the problems inherent in having a really brand new body, hormones and such. I realize this sounds sexist, and is to a degree, but we do have sexual dimorphism. Not sure about Time Lords, but since we have seen a female Time Lord who is remarkably human like, I would imagine they do as well.
  3. Ignore it completely.
I think the third option would be the most fun. Have the female lead play the doctor just as if she were a man. Yes, it would be the elephant in the living room, but I think it would add something special to the character.

Now, what woman... One choice is gone already; Catherine Tate. Now, Joanna Lumley or Jennifer Saunders would be great. Also I like Lucy Montgomery (right) from the BBC show Tittybangbang as well as appearances on The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh. I think it would be necessary for the actress to be a comedienne, as the spirit of ignoring gender is absurdist from a style point of view.


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"before the scar tissue has formed on his Doctor Who hymen" now THAT Sir is great writing.

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