Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The problems with being a tech.

This one is going to be a bit ranty, but I need to get this out. Please don't be overly offended. Remember, I am just a cartoon wizard and not someone whose opinion matters.

There are numerous problems associated with being in IT. And here are a few of them.
  1. Users. Sorry to start there, but it fits. Users are your first priority, and main source of issues. They are not, however the worst problem.
  2. Users who think they are techs. "Hey, Darius! I am taking some IT classes at my local community college!" - "That's great! Here is some advice. Tech your fucking machine at home. Do not tech machines I am responsible for. Period." These folks are the rectal rash of your job. They think there is so little to know. I am the first to tell you techs are just glorified auto mechanics, but I also don't work on my own car.
  3. IT managers. Just make that managers in general.
  4. Other techs. As a rule, techs know half of what they should know, and a quarter of what they say they do. The mouthier the tech, the less knowledgeable he tends to be. If a tech runs his mouth constantly, don't listen to him. Also, techs forget that they have areas of skill - this does not mean they know everything about all fields of IT. Beware of any tech who always has the answer.
Okey. Sorry. Glad to get that out.


Unknown said...

truer words were never spoken

Darius Whiteplume said...

I was in a bad place that day, but glad you approve :-)

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