Monday, January 25, 2010

Scavenger Hunt with a Very Special Prize

UPDATE: #22 has been eliminated. Either I have posed the wrong question, or IMDb and other sources are incorrect. I was under the impression that Tony Robinson, Baldric from The Black Adder was in The Young Ones episode "Bambi" as a Footlights student. IMDb says he is in the episode, but not as the character I am positive he is, and Wikipedia lists another actor altogether. I believe the DVD commentary mentioned Tony Robinson, but decided to eliminate the question. Thank you for your support.

Okey. I have mentioned owning this in the past, and I know there are some people interested in it. For lack of a better way to do this, I invoke a web scavenger hunt. The prize...

This is the old Sears exclusive, tall, blue, disco-booted Snagletooth from the cantina "playset" released in '78/'79. He is in rough shape, as my Star Wars figures were well loved, but free, save for a little effort.

The rules.
  • Find images or video of the items below on the internet.
  • The same site cannot be used twice (including eBay, Amazon, YouTube, etc.). This of course limits you to one post on your own blog.
  • Compile links to the items and send them my way.
  • In case of a tie, we'll do "paper scissors rock lizard Spock" via email.
  • I am willing to ship anywhere worldwide, if I can figure out how.
The items.
  1. Cover of Marvel Team-Up which takes place on the QE2.
  2. Dr. McCoy MEGO action figure.
  3. The Doctor Donna.
  4. Adventure People figure with blue helmet and shorts.
  5. Tiny Apollo and/or Starbuck.
  6. Amy Jo in uniform without helmet.
  7. Dwight Yoakam in Bandidas.
  8. Salt Vampire
  9. The Abominable playing the organ.
  10. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing together.
  11. Scramble screen-grab.
  12. Doctor Strange and Clea.
  13. Ed Harris invades Nicaragua.
  14. Brigitte Nielsen "Gunslinger" pose.
  15. Pam Grier in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.
  16. Jackie's Max in space.
  17. Lara Croft shooting dinosaur.
  18. Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh, Archbishop of Canterbury.
  19. Kala, frightened/surprised.
  20. Evil-Lyn and Teela, together.
  21. Leia and Artoo.
  22. Baldric on The Young Ones.
  23. The Baroness punching Lady Jaye or Scarlett.
  24. Triumph busts on that Jersey boy.
  25. The Snaggletooth that was easy to get.
  26. Early '90s MTV purple avenger's nemesis.
  27. Green baby-face farting aliens.
  28. Chun-Li fighting an X-Men member.
  29. Gamma World Bunny.
  30. Me at Sloppy Joe's.
Some of these may be hard to find, but will help separate the wheat from the chaff.

Since I have some time away, due date is Monday, 8 February. Email me your links here. May the Force be with you.


Reis O'Brien said...

That figure shall be MINE!

Darius Whiteplume said...

I was getting a little nervous. I thought my followers would be on this like flies on rice :-D

Bubbashelby said...

I'm gonna have to devote some serious time to this one! :)

Darius Whiteplume said...

Please do. I knew you two would be on the prowl for this one :-)

BTW: eliminating #22. I am getting mixed answers on the web between what I think I know, and what is said.

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