Monday, January 25, 2010

The Stars at Night, are Big and Bright...


Well folks, I am on my way to San Antonio in about a week. Do I have any nerd/geek friends there, or suggestions on where to go?

I am staying at the Marriot way out in West Nowheresburg... Not even sure yet how to catch the bus downtown. I hate to drive, but we may have to rent a car to get to anything cool.

Any cool game stores, hobby shops, topless bars, restaurants... I'm not into the touristy stuff, but am going to have a lot of time on my hands. Any of you folks there? I'm always up for a coffee or a beer :-D


iasa said...

bummer, i'm way up in dallas. i haven't been to san antonio in years. hope you have a gud time.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I'm gonna try. Certainly don't want to hang in the hotel by myself all day. S.A. does not look too no-car friendly :-D

Restless said...

Texas isn't friendly to the carless, as a general rule. San Antonio moreso -- I swear since there's so much military there, they made the highways confusing so that if the Russians invaded they couldn't find their way around town. Where else can one highway intersect another highway THREE TIMES?

My wife and I are in Houston, so we go to San Antonio quite a bit when we have a day or two to kill and want to get out of town for cheap. Here's a run-down on some ideas:

* Unless you really care about The Alamo, skip all that noise down there. It's very commercial, and honestly, it's not that interesting. If you want history visit the missions and Spanish Governor's Palace instead. The only thing I'd suggest down there is the Buckhorn, and there's a visitor information center down there with a million pamplets with things to do. In fact, in San Antonio there should be some of those pamphlets everywhere, including your hotel, since they do a lot of tourist travel around those parts.

* The Riverwalk is nice to visit. There's some specialty shops to visit down there, but it's pretty touristy, too. There are some boat cruises down the Riverwalk, but I haven't dome those since I was a kid.

* Check out El Mercado, definitely. The shopping is good and it's fun. If you go on a weekend usually there is some sort of event going on, carts with additional shopping, etc. While you're there, grab a meal at Mi Tierra; if you don't feel like eating, just go in and check out all the baked goods at their on-site bakery.

* If you like caves (and what gamer doesn't?), there's a lot of them around the environs. Natural Bridge Caverns is pretty good, and we really liked Cave Without a Name most out of the local show caves.

* If you get a car, go to Austin for a day. It's not far up 35 and there's a lot to do there.

* If you're strange like us, you could go see the world's largest cowboy boots or the famous haunted railroad tracks, which is a real trip. Don't go to the railroad tracks at night, though, or alone -- it's in a rough part of town. we went out there one night and some kids were in what we could only figure was a stolen car based on the offroad donuts they were cutting in it. If that's your thing, there is a ghost walking tour downtown that's supposed to be pretty fun, but we haven't taken that one.

Sorry, I don't have anything on strip clubs or hobby shops, at least in San Antonio. Let us know what you find if you run across any, especially with a lot of used and out of print stuff!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Thanks Restless.

I think the wife wanted to hit the Mission. And I guess there is a brewery she wanted to see (Pearl, perhaps?).

I am a weirdo, and like going to grocery stores, and just little weird stuff. That's what I love about Chicago and Toronto; within a mile there is always something to find. I always live in the must-have-car-must-know-where-you-are parts of the country... I may just catch a cab downtown and wander til I get blisters :-D

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