Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are Dragonborn my New Dwarves?

I have been playing 4th Edition D&D for a while now, and as a player have had only two real characters; one I played exactly once, and one I have played for a while now, "Scorch," my dragonborn cleric of The Raven Queen. I am about to start a new game with some of my regular players, and some new guys. My 1st level character is going to be a dragonborn sorcerer.

When I was a kid, I played dwarves. Almost all the time. Dwarven fighters, dwarven thieves, dwarven fighter/thieves (1st Edition AD&D was limited for dwarves). I moved on to gnomes for a while, but that was because they were weird. Now it is all dragonborn. What is it that attracts me?

Well, for one thing I think dragonborn get the two best attribute bonuses, for my style of play. Strength and charisma. I know... Charisma is a throw away stat. Well, not so much any more, and regardless, I always wanted my characters to be a little smooth.

Also, I kind of think of dragonborn as being akin to the Klingons from ST:TNG and beyond. Powerful and noble. I tend to play Scorch as a Klingon. He does not speak much, and he plays fair. Also, for a cleric he has low wisdom, which makes him more a "fist of fate" than a preacher. I have him do missionary work as subtext, but for the most part he is out to crush his cult's enemies.

The sorcerer will be a tad different. I hope to make him a bit troubled. Sorcerers are typically bound to some force or creature for their power. This one will be unwillingly bound to Tiamat, though he will be lawful good. I hope this is interesting, and my DM's views on Tiamat are not by-the-book. Yet, how does good behave when it owes a debt to evil? We shall see.

Sorry to bore some of you with the random D&D post. ;-)

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