Monday, February 22, 2010

Fan-Boy Icon #2

Once in a while, the world can really get you down. Work sucks. Finances bugging you. Your girlfriend ate all the Pizza Rolls. It is at these times I like to remember Weird Al Yankovic is out there pulling for us. Is he really? I don't know, but I like to think so. Why else would he do what he does except to make the world a better place?

One great thing about Weird Al, is that often his parodies are better than the actual song; they certainly have more thoughtful lyrics. Here are my two favorite Weird Al anecdotes. One from him, and one personal.

I have seen (maybe on a VH1 special) Weird Al saying that when he asked Curt Cobain if he could cover Smells Like Teen Spirit, Cobain replied, "it's not going to be about food, is it?" Al replied, that it would be about how no one can understand the lyrics. Cobain approved.

My story. I was in a bar with one of those digital jukeboxes. I played a song, and snuck back to my stool. When the intro to Gansta's Paradise started, several people were loving it, then discovered it was Amish Paradise. Several "aw dammit"s could be heard. I was never so proud of myself.

Personal favorites:
  1. White and Nerdy of course.
  2. I Love Rocky Road, mostly for the accordion solo.
  3. Bedrock Anthem, primarily because the Red Hot Chili Douchebags hate it.
  4. Fat is the best stream of fat jokes ever recorded.
Three cheers for Weird Al. His music is great. His videos are awesome. And his Saturday morning show was a riot. Check him out on Twitter.


Nathan said...

Thanks for this post. Al has been an important part of my life for years.

I hadn't heard of the RCHP not liking "Bedrock Anthem," and they did give permission for it, right?

Darius Whiteplume said...

I would imagine he did. As I understand it he always gets permission, or at least since he became known. I know Coolio had an issue with Amish Paradise, but Al says he got permission. Coolio thought it disparaged his career. Then he became a regular on The Hollywood Squares. You be the judge.

I forget where I saw the RHCPs dissing the song, but they might have been posturing.

Nathan said...

I get the impression Coolio might have wanted to have it both ways, maintaining his (supposed) reputation as a Serious Artist by denouncing Al's song, while still accepting the money and publicity he got from it. I mean, if he'd REALLY not given permission and been upset, he probably would have sued or something, right?

Coolio was also the voice of Kwanzaa Bot on Futurama, so I guess he took more of a relaxed attitude toward comedy after he stopped having hits. {g}

Darius Whiteplume said...

That and Doctor Dre putting the kibosh on him, MC Hammer, and Sir Mixalot :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Weird Al is pulling for us. Absolutely. Every star says he loves his fans, but Al recognizes faces and remembers names. Also, he really cares about putting out the best work he possibly can. And yes, he always gets permission.

Darius Whiteplume said...

That is good to hear. Thanks for stopping by Quiad!

Thomas Pluck said...

I like the Cobain anecdote, he had a sense of humor. And he must have known Weird Al songs to know a lot are food puns. Al is great, and still has it. He mocked the Star Wars prequels, and his brief show on MTV was hilarious, even though all I remember is him eating pizza with M&Ms on it.

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