Monday, February 1, 2010

Premature Book Review: Grotesque

This is not exactly a premature review, as I have already read this book, but was reminded of it as I was searching for something to read next.

Natsuo Kirino specializes in writing thrillers, typically involving young women. Grotesque is the story of two sisters; the narrator, who is unnamed, and Yuriko. Our narrator is overshadowed by her beautiful but vapid sister who even gets into a prestigious school after repatriating to Japan.

Yuriko quickly learns the power she has over men, and bends many to her will; she finally becomes a prostitute while in high school. Yuriko and a friend are murdered mysteriously, and the narrator begins reading their journals. The conclusion of the story is quite shocking.

To me, the whole story is about the narrator's descent into madness. She is victim to poor body image, bullying, and the jealousy she feels towards her sister. This madness drives the story and can at times be just as disturbing as books like Ringu (The Ring). If you enjoy a nicely twisted thriller, this is a great book to go with. It is currently in hardcover, trade paperback, as well as Kindle and Mobi-Reader.

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