Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Randomness... Again

Fellow Bloggers, do you ever worry that the Chinese comments that appear to be SPAM are actual comments? I always delete them, but what if some poor guy is actually commenting? I do not wish to be Anglo-centric, but really, if the blog is in English, and he/she can read it in English, then shouldn't they assume the comments would be understood in English?

Apparently, Amazon thinks I am a gay man...

Not that I am opposed to such things. Maybe we can all take this as a lesson that people are people, and a very straight man can love Liza Minnelli, so maybe he'll be into Adam Lambert as well?

I made this here. Not great, but I like it.

I also made this. I thought it was funny, but it was not the hit on Tumblr I imagined.

I don't watch Jersey Shore, but I love these "Snookie Crashers" pictures. Basically, people take this awful picture of Snookie, and cut it into other pictures. This is by far my favorite:

It is so good because it is so subtle. In fact, the young lady I reblogged it from completely missed that it was a Snookie Crasher, saying, "LMAO! I didn't even notice snookie there I was reblogging for those abs hahaha!"


Bubbashelby said...

If it's those comments that are Chinese characters followed by "......" <- each dot is a spam link. Always delete those comments and go to their profile and report it as spam.

Drake said...

I'm going to steal er borrow Hamburger Hipster for the "Burger & Pretty Girls" tumblr.
I agree with on the chinese comments, if you can read the blog at least reply in the same language.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@BubbaShelby - yeah, they seem to always be SPAM.

@Drake - NP. What is the link to your tumblr (or do I follow that one already)?

Drake said...

That's the Burger link (warning for some people who might be scared of nekkid wimmen, there is some there)

That's my main Tumblr, which i think you follow.

Wings1295 said...

All funny stuff. Love your Hamburger Hipster!

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Drake - I knew you were on my dash, but didn't recognize the burger name :-)

@Wings - Danke. It just came to me in the grocery store. I tend to read words incorrectly. Not sure if it is mild dyslexia, or the ADD :-)

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