Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fiction's Finest Nerds #33

Doctor Theopolis is a weird character in my book. He is an artificial intelligence, much like ST:TNG's Data, but is just a round computer worn around Twiki's neck like a Flava-Flav clock. Twiki isn't even capable of taking him off, or putting him on. Doctor Theopolis, despite being one of New Chicago's great minds, is slave to a libidinous dwarf robot with an incompatible butt fetish. Even in the 25th century genius is tied to ignorance. Ah well.

Doctor Theopolis was part of Earth's Computer Council. He was assigned with the process of assimilating Captain William "Buck" Rogers when he first arrived on Earth after having been in suspended animation. Doctor Theopolis had an important role on Earth as a liaison between the Earth Defense Directorate and its leader Dr. Elias Huer, and the Computer Council, which is the planetary ruling body. Doctor Theopolis was considered one of Earth's leading scientists.

Why he did not have his own body is a mystery. There is an argument that he and Twiki were designed to be like C3PO and R2-D2, however those two were independent of each other when necessary. Theopolis cannot fully function without Twiki to move him around as needed, and his lack of limbs of any kind prevent him from doing any physical work at all.


Wings1295 said...

It is odd. I mean, they have obvious technology, Twiki has a functioning body and 'mind'. Why not just make a humanoid body for Theopolis, as well?

Weird, and I guess best left as a simple "it was cool" type of idea.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

"Twiki isn't even capable of taking him off, or putting him on." My final arguement to support my thesis on the lameness of Twiki. For someone so important to their civilization they were certainly careless with this light up hockey puck. How humans ever took orders from somthing you could just skip across the toxic lake is beyond me but is the magic of the Buck Rogers Universe. Just wait till we get to the bird guy.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Wings - it's always hard to predict the future. My phone has more processing power than my first five computers. It is just weird that there were so many other "Data" types on the show.

@Cal - I was going to skip birdman, but I think he must be reckoned with. Should be Monday. ;-)

Copyboy said...

HUGE FAN OF BUCK ROGERS. Twiggy was my favorite robot. And yes, I had a mad crush on Erin Gray.

Shon Richards said...

The Computer Arrogance laws of the 24th century insisted that genius computer minds be anchored to idiot robots in order to constantly remind the computers that they were inferior to humans.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Copyboy - Thanks for stopping by :-)

@Shon - I completely forgot about that law ;-)

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