Monday, April 19, 2010

Fan-Boy Icon #10

I hate to jump on the bandwagon that may or may not be rolling around, but I must say I really enjoyed Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. No, he's not David Tennant. No, he's not incredibly attractive. No, he does not have any eyebrows. Those things aside, I am finally looking forward to Doctor Who in a way I have not since Donna Noble was on (I know, that wasn't long ago, but it was the last time I cared if it was on).

Now, I was looking over Herr Smith's resumé at the IMDb, and did not recognize any of his work, likely because it is British television we have not gotten in the States, so there is not much we call talk about yet. However, playing The Doctor even once will land you lifetime fan-boy cred, at least in Who positive circles.



I have to say this new Doctor is proving to be very interesting. I got my daughter hooked on Doctor Who when she was 4 and she has been enjoying the show ever since. She's 10 now and she had a major crush on Doctor 10 but she is loving Doctor 11. She keeps saying "He's CRAZY!"

I can imagine that is what a lot of previous fanboys might have said in the early days of the 2nd and 4th Doctors tenures.

Great blog as always!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Danke! Love the 5 Second Fiction and the rest of your blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Isn't he cute?
Just wondered how the gaps between the last few doctors have not been as dramatic as the 'first' doctor - William Hartnell - and the second - Patrick Troughton.
The regenerations have run in a cycle of younger, slightly younger / older, slightly older ever since.
Seems that the BBC is trying to milk the ol' Doctor ? cow as long as it can - guess we'll never live long enought to see the Doc in a diaper!

Darius Whiteplume said...

I am sure they want to keep things young and hip, and he does have a sort of hipster outfit :-)

I wonder if they ever will go to an older actor (or actress) some day?

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