Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fox Force Four

I have played D&D with a lot of people over the years. Many editions, many types of players. I have a sneaking suspicion that the group I played with last Saturday night will be my favorite. Four players, one DM. Three females, two males.

We met a guy at D&D encounters who we got along with, and next week he brought a female friend from work. Both were very cool. The guy's wife wants to play, but does not want to be around the normal 15-year-old D&D crowd, and they have a little kid, so he wanted to start a game at home. Me and the wife decided to join in.

I have to tell you, playing D&D with mostly women is a lot different. It is more cooperative, and even though the wife is a power gamer, it is for the good of the party, unless she dislikes the other players, which happens a lot when there are too many Y chromosomes at the table. I decided to play a female character, just to keep things interesting, and to use one of my favorite miniatures that I never get to use.

So, here is the party breakdown:
  1. Tiefling Warlock
  2. Eladrin Paladin of the Raven Queen
  3. Changeling Assassin
  4. Human Ardent (that's me)
Funny that whenever I play with a bunch of guys, we always have holes in the party. No one wants to be the healer. No one wants to be the spell caster. It is always a party of fighters and rogues. Here we have the basic four; spell caster, meat shield, lurker, healer.

Also, the guy DMing does a great job. He had all kinds of props, and there was some puzzle action in between the fighting. We all got along well, and I think this could be a long, fun relationship. I'll post more updates as we play.

Here is "Brandis" my ardent. This is a Celtos miniature. Not sure which one.


Anonymous said...

Oh my... I never understand a thing. :) But I did love the Wonder woman post.

I have notice that thing saying «remove your navbar». Care to explain?

Darius Whiteplume said...

For a while there Blogger was deleting accounts with adult content. I thought it might be harder to "flag" a blog for deletion if it was not so simple as clicking the old "Flag Blog" link. This blog post was a guide to how and why you might remove your nav bar.

Since then, Blogger has changed "Flag Blog" to "Report Abuse" though I don't know how their policy has changed.

Glad you liked the Wonder Woman post. :-)

California Keys said...

Is that a sword she's carrying, or is she just happy to see me?

Darius Whiteplume said...

Probably a bit of both ;-)

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