Friday, May 14, 2010

Nerd Girl(s) of Note #62 - "I Hit It with my Axe" Edition.

I mentioned this a few weeks back with NGoN #59, Satine Phoenix that I have been watching the weekly installments of I Hit It with My Axe at Escapist. Here are the other regular players. I am not 100% sure I have all the classes right, but am guessing. Please feel free to correct me.

First up: Mandy Morbid. Her Twitter profile reveals:

I'm Mandy--a nude model and very very occasional adult performer based in L.A. My boobs ARE real so stop fucking asking already.

Mandy and I have something in common at ye olde D&D table. We get stuck with the less than glamorous job of playing the cleric. It is a thankless role, particularly in anything prior to fourth edition. Mandy also seems to be the group's chronicler, and often got the job of explaining certain things to Sasha Grey, who was not previously a player.

Next: Kimberly Kane. Her Twitter profile reveals:

Kimberly Kane is a performer, director & photographer in the Adult film industry based in Los Angeles. She recently won Best Actress at 2010 AVN Awards.

I asked KK about her character on Twitter. She plays a cursed half-elf barbarian. I think her rages come with the threat of werewolf transformation, which is bad news for the monsters, but also for the party. If I had to guess, the show's title comes from her playing style, as hitting it with her axe is often step one, and why shouldn't it be?

Rounding out the regulars are Connie, who when asked what she does for a living said, "dance naked," and Frankie, a hair dresser. I am not sure what Connie plays, but she mentions a halfling... Frankie seems to be a dark elf thief (rogue for you youngsters); perhaps a drow...? They are doing a home-brew.

What I enjoy about the show is that it is only gimicky on the surface. Yes, it is D&D with porn stars, but they are also players. These do not appear to be five girls who are pretending to play D&D in order to give nerd guys like me a chubby. There is nothing overtly sexy about the show. It is not porno D&D, and nobody is making out. Each episode is about ten minutes, and everyone at the table will (if you are an RPG person) remind you of someone you've played with. It's fun; a concentrated look at a D&D session with just the best and/or most embarrassing moments.

As of this posting there are eight episodes. Numbers one though seven feature Sasha Grey as the guest player, and episode eight features Justine Joli. Not sure how many episodes she will be in. If you've not given the show a watch, try on Episode 1.


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