Friday, May 21, 2010

Nerd Girl(s) of Note #63

CLAMP is a group of all female manga artists formed in the early 1980s. I first became aware of them through xxxHolic, a manga about a teen who could see spirits. It was a little like the Jennifer Love Hugetits show Ghost Whisperer. Maybe a lot like it. Other notable works are Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, Tokyo Babylon, Chobits, and Tsubasa.

xxxHolic deals with people's addictions. Or maybe their OCD mannerisms. People who are collectors, obsessive, overly mournful, among other things, come to Yūko's shop and she cures them, for a price. Yūko is a magical being, and not strictly good or evil... Watanuki (born on April Fool's Day) is the boy who can see spirits, and finds himself indentured to Yūko. He cooks and cleans for her, as well as helping her with clients. This manga often touches world's with Tsubasa, which has rebooted characters from other CLAMP works (particularly Card Captor Sakura).

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