Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Oh no! It's the Dirty Pair!"

There have been several incarnations of The Lovely Angels, better known as The Dirty Pair. There was the original manga, television series, and movies, the Adam Warren comic book for Dark Horse, and Dirty Pair Flash (pictured right), a three season television series. Each has two things in common: Kei and Yuri.

Kei (red head) and Yuri (purple/blue hair) are an "odd couple" pair of intergalactic agents who work for the "World Welfare Works Association" or 3WA. Their codename is "The Lovely Angels" but because of the destruction left in their wake they are better known as "The Dirty Pair." This is not a nickname they like.

Now, I was always vaguely aware of the original Dirty Pair, but really learned to love them through Dirty Pair Flash, a reboot of the series. In Flash, a new Kei and Yuri appear, with very similar looks and personalities to the original, but it is made fairly clear that they are different people. In fact, it is hinted (if not actually stated) that they fight the original Yuri, who has changed sides. The show is a lot of fan service at times, mocking the characters or the sci-fi/anime genre. It does, however have some solid stories, and attempts at character growth are made. The new Kei is the more troubled of the two, as she tends to be more hardcore about her work, despite some lack of skill. Yuri is always interested in dates and clothes, but the work seems to come naturally to her.

The original Dirty Pair (pictured right) were less comical, though they had comical interchanges at times. For the most part, they were serious stories of espionage, particularly in films like Affair of Nolandia, Flight 005 Conspiracy, and Project Eden. They have elements that would be attractive to female viewers, and there is, from what I remember, a less overtly sexual nature to the characters. You might compare the original Dirty Pair to the adventure cartoons of the '70s and '80s, and Dirty Pair Flash to '90s and current cartoons. Totally Spies! comes to mind, though it is not quite that humor-based.

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