Saturday, May 22, 2010

Your Anime & Manga Recommendations!

Here are some suggestions from readers and Twitter peeps:
  • @mickey_glitter - Azumanga Daioh FTW! =)
  • @MiskatonicRich - Battle Royale! I love BR in all forms, novel, movie, and manga. Same guy wrote all versions.
  • @Preternatural__ - Cowboy BeBop :)
  • @Mark_Bruno - One of my favorites is Death Note. It's a fantastic supernatural thriller. I also love the film version of Vampire Hunter D.
  • @shonrichards - I might be showing my age, but Project A-Ko is my favorite anime ever.
  • @tas33 - Voltron!
  • @knarfblack - I've only got a casual interest, but Paprika (film) and Uzumaki (manga) are worth checking out.


Lockwood said...

Off topic, but regarding your Sin City Tumblr post... did you see this picture at The High Definite? It... almost... made the cut for the Sunday Funnies.

Darius Whiteplume said...

That is very cool.

I have a weird compulsion to watch "The Spirit" now. If nothing else, Frank's films are full of hotties. :-)

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