Saturday, June 12, 2010

Premature Game Review: Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (Wii)

I'll admit it. I am a sucker for hot girl games. Tomb Raider, Dead or Alive, Final Fight. Hell, I even had the VIP game for the Playstation. When something comes along that fits the hot girl slot, and is only $12... well, you have my attention.

Onechanbara is based on the movie of the same name (which I have not seen). It is an "over the shoulder" fighting game that supports two player, split screen modes, as well as a story mode. On the Wii you use the Wiimote and the nunchuk attachment.

I have to admit, the game is a bit repetitive. I have only played it a bit, but already know that all I will be doing is swinging my controllers wildly as I buzz-saw through hordes of the undead. Is this so bad? Probably not. There are tons of games just like this, and I'll enjoy my $12 worth and then put it down for a few years.

The good parts are some of the things that are new to the genre, at least to me. Remember, I am not much of a gamer. One interesting/confusing item, is the "ecstasy meter." As you fight, your character starts to fall prey to blood-lust. The more continuously you fight, the more enraged you become, finally you are unable to fight effectively. Your sword becomes stuck in your target, and you must pull it free while opening yourself to attacks. Also, your character tires. I just went in there swinging like crazy, and before too long Aya (cowboy hat girl) was hunched over, breathing heavily.

In all, the game is fun, and quite the workout. I was breathing a bit heavily myself after completing a level, which is good. I don't really exercise, so swinging my arms is far better than just wearing out my thumbs. Here is some game play:

Obviously, you did not have to watch the entire video to see that there is going to be some repetition. I apparently learned a thing or two watching, though. That's why it is a Premature Game Review. :-)


joe ackerman said...

well, yeah. kinda does exactly what it says on the tin, doesn't it? like the blood on the screen.

Keith said...

I hadn't heard of that one before, but then I don't have a Wii. I've got a Xbox 360.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@jb - it is a workout. I need to figure out some things to play better.

@Keith - It is on the 360, but not sure how it compares. [link]

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