Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogger or Tumblr?

As some of you might know, I am a Tumblr user aside from this, my main blog. I started Adventures in Nerdliness almost two years ago and it is my primary channel for serious output. I do, however, have a dilemma.

You know when people say "my blog is for me, not for you" here and there? That is a half truth for me. Yes, I want to blog about whatever I want to blog about, but I also desire a readership. I want to post things that I think you, dear reader, will want to read. This is not a jab at any bloggers, believe me. If anything, it is an acknowledgment of my insecurities and desire to be loved. LOVE ME! :-D

Anyway. I think Blogger and Tumblr are completely different media. Blogger is more format friendly. I do a lot of HTML/CSS setting in my posts in order to make a post look like I want it to look. On Tumblr, these settings are ignored. If I just want to post a picture of Vanessa Ferlito, I go with Tumblr. I could just post a picture here, but to me Blogger demands words.

The other big difference is in feedback. Tumblr is an egotist's delight/torment. If you like my post, just click the heart, or even reblog it. Instant gratification. However, when a post does not show any likes/reblogs it can be infuriating, particularly if the post was what I consider to be a good one. Blogger often feels heavy where feedback is concerned. You have to click the link, and think of what to say, and if you use a reader you have to actually go to the blog... The feedback is often more substantial, however and I often learn things from your comments. I am by no means an expert on anything I blog about.

I have considered adding the "what did you think of this post?" buttons, but frankly I have yet to see a blog using those. On blogger I guess it feels cheap?

Well, i still enjoy Adventures in Nerdliness. I know I have gotten off track a bit with all the Jess Franco and other movie reviews. Maybe it is a phase? If you are interested in my Tumblr, I actually have a few which can be accessed through the main one, Tumbling in Nerdliness.

Oh yeah! Got some giveaways coming up. Hereis what's on the block:
  1. That Blu-Ray of SGU 1.5 I reviewed yesterday.
  2. A set of DC heroes with Captain Marvel, Black Adam, and Mary Marvel.
  3. Last, but not least, a set of DC heroes with many of the Teen Titans and their enemies. Robin (Tim Drake version), Raven, and Cyborg are in the set.
So, keep an eye out for those, likely in that order. I'll just have to think of a way to determine the recipient.


Kal said...

I just started a Tumblr to move one of my features - FROM THE FILES OF THE CAVE OF COOL - to it's own place. It was to save space on my blog but now that is irrelevant when I found out how to post with another identity.

I know what you mean about feedback though. Finally I no longer worry about my blog comments because I get them from a dedicated group of followers.

However, on Tumblr I go insane. It takes EFFORT to post a comment on BLOGGER but little to press that little heart on TUMBRL. I get so bummed that my stupid little cat captions don't get more hearts or replogs. The internet is based on captioned cat pictures and porn and still I can't get no love. Most times I post my personal LOL Cats on BOTH my blog and my tumblr and still - tumbleweeds. It all designed to make us insane my brother.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Personally, I am a lousy follower. I avoid my Tumblr dashboard at work because you never know when there will be a picture of people peeing on each other, so i don't do as many <3s as I should. I'm trying to hit the Blogger comments more, even if I just say "awesome" to some.

The wife loves your blogs, BTW. Not sure if you follow her Tumblr (

Kal said...

Yeh I do follow her. She always reblogs my stuff so tell her I appreciate the love.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Darius - I feel your pain. I blog for myself and for others. The lack of feedback can be disheartening. The way I focus is on hits, not feedback. The quantity of feedback seems to be completely irrelevant to the number of hits.

Also, I divide my time. I blog ONCE UPON A GEEK with a close eye to hits. I try to pick topics that interest me, but will generate some traffic. I blog FIRESTORM FAN just for me. If no one read that blog, I'd still be fine with it. It's a labor of love.

The Irredeemable Shag

Lazarus Lupin said...

I like your blog, I don't think we should lose that outlet. Of course i've just started blogging and haven't touched tumblr. But there is something really personal about this medium I think.

Lazarus Lupin
art and review

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Kal - Will do. She sometimes reads my blog, so she might see it ;-D

@Shag - I did not realize you were FirestarFan. I kind of dislike the Dashboard for that reason, you don't see anything about the blogger. I have been toying around with format on my Tumblr, but I don't know that anyone goes to it unless I link them to the post.

I've not figured out how to see my hits on Blogger yet. The Google webmaster tools are kinda sucky.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@LL - Thanks. I don't plan on leaving this blog behind. Occasionally, without feedback, it is hard to tell if I am posting things my readers are interested it. I am lousy about leaving feedback myself.

Nathan said...

I feel the same way you do about several things. I've never really understood people who said their blogs were just for them, because why make them public if that's the case? And yeah, Tumblr is better for just pictures, and Blogger/LiveJournal/WordPress for words. I usually try to provide links on Tumblr for my more interesting blog posts, but I don't know how many people click through.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I've tried posting longer reviews on Tumblr, but they don't seem to draw any flies. I think Tumblr is for, not non-readers, but for people in a non-reading mood.

KiteZA said...

You could use Disqus ( for comments?

Still, generally speaking, Tumblr is better for shorter posts and for images. It tends not to be quite so lengthy or text-heavy, but that's mostly dependent on the person writing the blog. I use it because I like the style, and while I tend to write lengthy posts on occasion, I've noticed that those are often the least-read posts on my blog.

Still, I suppose attention is a very limited resource on the internet and it's not really unique to Tumblr.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I have thought about Disqus, but never got around to it. I did add the "Let Followers Reply" - or whatever it is called - and get some feedback that way.

My biggest posts are still the girly ones. Some of the "Hotties of Yore" are still in the top five here, and I have not posted one for probably a year.

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