Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fiction's Finest Nerds #39

Doctor Temperance Brennan is the main character on the television series Bones, and the heroine of several novels by Kathy Reichs. On tv, Dr. Brennan is played by NGoN #44 Emily Deschanel.

In my mind, the television show is more enjoyable. Dr, Brennan is calculating and logical. She has a tendency to take everything literally, and has no filter when she expresses her point. She is also an Atheist. In the books the character is different. She is a divorced recovering alcoholic with a college aged child and a cat. While this is a more believable character, it is fairly run of the mill. The tv "Bones" is more fun because of Deschanel's dry delivery and her attempts at cuteness are made all the more cute by the character's clumsiness.

I am fairly new to the show, and decided to start one of Reich's books, the first, Déjà Dead. It is pretty enjoyable. Bones does not have a real team to work with, but we see consulting specialists and the detectives involved in the case. While fun, however, it is pretty standard fare, and I am surprised such a great show came from such an everyday novel. If you read a lot, you should check this out. It does have a nice noir quality to it at times. It will not astound you, but is well written. Only once have I said "surely Emily Deschanel's Bones would have seen that!"

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