Thursday, July 15, 2010

Short Movie Reviews

Revenge of the Nerds is possibly the best collegiate sex comedy of all time. Better than Animal House, better than H.O.T.S. Two nerds go off to college expecting a better life in a place where intelligence is revered. Of course, as many of us know, college is just high school with easier access to alcohol. Refusing to take any more grief from the jocks and debs, they decide to form a fraternity and take over the Greek Council. Hilarity ensues.

Verdict: A must see. Five stars.

Eugenie: the Story of Her Journey into Perversion is based on Sade's Philosophie dans le Boudoir, sort of... It captures some of the spirit of the book, save that Eugenie is not a willing participant. For those of you with a Perfectly Sensible Leg Fixation©, this is worth watching as Jess Franco makes ample use of Marie Liljedahl's glorious gams. Christopher Lee is featured as Dolmance, the lead libertine who brings everything to a, well, climax. This film also features the worst retractable stage knife I have ever seen. (DVD)

Verdict: This one is for specialty viewers.

Horror of Dracula is, unless I am mistaken, the original Christopher Lee Dracula film. The film is fairly true to the book, with some glaring modifications. As with all things Dracula, the story is so well known that you have to change something. As in the book, van Helsing is the main attraction, with the Count showing up at appropriate times. I don't think Lee delivered even two lines in the first hour. If they could have combined this one with Jess Franco's Count Dracula story, it would have been great.

Verdict: A must for Hammer fans and classic horror lovers.

Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism is known by many names, and is typically deceptive in its cover image. I watched it because Christopher Lee is in it, but it is surprisingly good, for a bad movie. The plot revolves around Lee being executed for heinous crimes, and swearing vengeance on the man who sentenced him. Forty years later Lee is returned to life by one of his followers (a la Voldemort) and seeks revenge on the two remaining people associated with his target. It is not as corny as its title, and is not as torture-porn as it seems. They try going with a "The Pit and the Pendulum" thing, but it is a minor part of the film. It is a fairly good horror adventure.

Verdict: Interesting, for a German Hammer Horror rip-off.

The Blood of Fu-Manchu is yet another attempt by Fu-Manchu (Christopher Lee) to take over the world. This time he has a bevy of babes who are immune to cobra venom and able to use the 'kiss of death' on Fu-Manchu's foes. This time they are in South America, and the bandit king Sancho Lopez is the target-of cum hit-man-for Fu-Manchu. He is ridiculous looking, but funny. Franco regular Maria Rohm appears as well. (DVD)

Verdict: Franco/Lee fans might enjoy it.

Rosemary's baby is a real classic. Roman Polanski delivers a film that is trippy and suspenseful. Paranoia and creepiness run amuck. If you like horror with heavy suspense (say Ringu, The Strangers, The Blair Witch Project), you really should see it. I have seen it before, and even knowing the story it is interesting and shocks you. There is plenty that could be said about this movie, but I'm sure it has all been said before, and likely better. (DVD)

Verdict: Excellent thriller. Surreal and spooky.

Dorm Daze was funnier than I thought it would be. For the most part it is standard issue mistaken identity, switched item, pratfall comedy. Danielle "Topanga" Fishell is in it, as is Courtney "Malachai" Gains. I have seen dumber movies.

Verdict: Watchable, in a Keystone Kops sort of way.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

'Revenge of the Nerds' really holds up after all these years. It's cool to watch how they nerds get over the jocks in a totally unrealistic way.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I had dismissed it for years, but RotN really does hold up. It is amazing how little change there has been to jock/douche-bag culture in all these years.

Booger makes the film for me.

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