Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WIP Wednesday: "Chained Heat" (Paul Nicholas, 1983)

The wardens in WIP movies are always bad, but few stack up to Warden Ernie Bacman, played by John "Dean Wormer" Vernon in Chained Heat. You thought Dean Wormer was a complete bastard? Warden Bacman is even worse. He's a drug dealer, a pornographer, and all around bad seed. He doesn't even like his Head Matron, Captain Taylor (Stella Stevens). He's got a swanky office, complete with a hot tub. The man is a player.

All the usual suspects are all here. Carol Henderson (Linda Blair) is the good girl. Erika (Sybil Danning) is the HBIC. Duchess (Tamara Dobson) is the rival leader. Val (Sharon Hughes) is the tough veteran who befriends Carol. Bubbles (Louisa Moritz) provides comic relief as the crazy/dopey girl. Edy Williams plays the nympho, Julie. Henry Silva appears as Lester, the outside drug connection. He is also quite skeevy.

Despite its adherence to formula, Chained Heat throws you some curve balls. The bad guys are always scheming against each other, particularly where the drug running is concerned. Everyone is playing sides in Corrections, while the prisoners tend to play things normally. I think it gives the film an edge over a lot of it's competition. Also, much of the sadism is not shown. It is often easy to make up for lack of story with gratuitous torture. This is also one of the better Sybil Danning films I have seen. She gets to keep her clothes on, for the most part, and plays tough in a less over-the-top fashion than usual.

I am going to rank this among my WIP favorites. If you can find it, it is worth the watch.

Val and Carol are off to prison.

Erika is wondering who to beat on.

A little attitude adjustment session.

A first look at the dormitory with Cpt. Taylor.

Erika wants Carol on her team.

Erika really wants Carol on her team.

"You need friends in a place like this."

Erika and Duchess go at it in the yard.

A truce to bring down The Man.

Carol will put "team building" on her post-prison resumé.

A few more images here, of the R-Rated variety.

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