Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Challenge #21

The Devil's Wedding Night on Movie Macabre is a Hammer rip off that tells the story of an archaeologist who seeks the Ring of the Nibelungs, and it turns out it is in Castle Dracula. Go figure. Well, actually we have two archaeologists; one is a bookworm who discovers the location of the ring, and one a bit of a rake who does the dirty work. No, wait, there are three archaeologists..? Oddly, the first two are both doctors but don't know how to pronounce Wagner properly. Also, did you know that Greensleeves is a traditional Transylvanian folk song? Me neither.

Now, this film has some strikes against it, like the script, and a few of the actors, and the sound effects... but it has a lot going for it too. First, the cinematography greatly surpasses the film, in my opinion. Joe D'Amato (of The Arena fame, as well as a few Emanuelle films) is the DP. The editing is not bad either, save for the bits of lost footage from this supremely bad transfer. Second, Rosabla Neri (Hercules and the Haunted World, The Castle of Fu Manchu, credited as "Sara Bey") who looks like a young, good looking Barbara Streisand (think second half of The Way We Were) as La Contessa Dolingen de Vries, the vampire. She plays this one with a real ethereal quality and gratuitous nudity.

As for the Elvira portion of the festivities, she is funny as always and we get to meet one of her relatives, "Auntie Virus" who stops by for a surprise visit.

See it on Hulu.

Verdict: Good, solid VTM (Vampire Tittie Movie) with a good ending. I am going to say it: I liked it.

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Copyboy said...

Blogger CB would love this movie. She's a huge fan of the E-woman. How do you find this stuff? Amazing.

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