Friday, February 18, 2011

Nerd Girl of Note #101

One of my latest Twitter obsessions is "International Drag Superstar" and "Two Tons of Fun", Darienne Lake. Darienne has been putting up with my questions and comments for a few weeks now with the patience of a saint. I was debating doing a NGoN entry, but the picture to the right sealed the deal. If you are cool enough to rock the sexy Robin look on a cruise ship, then you have gallons of awesome sauce.

I think one of the things I enjoy about Darienne, aside from being very funny, is the frankness of her Tumblr site and how it contrasts to the humor of her Twitter. Twitter is for one liners. Some of us forget that (I am guilty at times). Most of her Tweets are snappy lines, while on Tumblr she talks about her drag, her background, past weight issues, and what it is like to be a gay man versus a drag queen (it is hard to always be both all the time, I would guess).

I posed a few questions:

DW: Do you have any nerd or geek tendencies? Comic books? Star Trek? Star Wars? Xena? I would like to think you liked the old Buck Rogers tv show, if only for the outfits ;-)

DL: I am nerdy in the way that I can see a movie once and know the dialog, then use the sentences in daily life. I love movies based on comic books or sci-fi, and look at them for entertainment factor. I allow for artistic license. I realize that actors who "look the part" can't necessarily act the part.

DW: I have seen you do Sarah Palin and Anna Nicole Smith. Do you have a favorite impersonation, or do you stick with what's topical?

DL: I have done many impersonations from Cher, Madonna, Dolly. I don't have a favorite, but I have the most fun when I am making fun of a celebrity. Like when I made fun of Britney after the MTV awards in the same outfit, with the same blank, drugged out stare, eating Cheetos and drinking RedBull. Or when I had painted myself orange and did Snooki. I was able to use my Amy Winehouse hair. Impersonations work best if you strike while the iron is hot. Right after Susan Boyle hit the scene I came out that weekend with a unibrow, house dress & hairy mole.

DW: Ok, last one. Streisand or Minnelli? Both The Way We Were and Cabaret make me cry like I just found out there is no Santa Claus. Thoughts? ;-)

DL: I'm more of a Streisand fan because something about Liza makes me feel uncomfortable. I think it might be Liza's manic energy and lateral lisp. Yet I thought she was hilarious on Arrested Development. "Left in the Dark" by Barbara is hauntingly perfect. When it comes to Santa Claus, I think it's best to tell kids that Santa only makes toys in the North Pole, so the other gifts (clothes, electronics, puppies) come from Mom & Dad. That fat fuck shouldn't get all the credit.

Darienne can be seen Friday nights at 140 Alex Bar in Rochester, NY.

Darienne Lake on the webz:


Lisa K. said...

She seems to be a lovely person. I really need to keep up with oversea's drag queens.
Thanks for introducing her!

Darius Whiteplume said...

No problem :-)

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