Thursday, March 31, 2011

Short Movie Reviews

Jungle de Ikou!

This is a bit of a moe/pervy anime three episode OVA. It is not full on hentai, but is definitely breast and camel toe centered. The story is of a young girl (that's a problem) who is given magical powers from the spirit of the Earth, Ahem, to transform into the ridiculously busty Mai, the spirit of flowers. Other characters begin to gain spirit-based posessions/transformations. It is not a bad story, if a bit disjointed. I like that it was only three episodes, so it had to get down to the business of storytelling, but I get the feeling this was a manga and a lot of story got left out. This is on Netflix DVD only.

Verdict: I have seen worse.


If you want some Amanda Seyfried hotness, then this is the film for you. It isn't great, but has a great cast. Seyfried is a prostitute named Cloe who meets Julianne Moore. Moore thinks her husband, Liam Neeson, is cheating on her and hires Chloe to attempt to seduce him. Things get quirky fast, and pretty soon everyone in the cast knows Chloe inside and out, IYKWIM. When they try breaking it off with her, Chloe becomes a bit of a bunny-boiler. This one streams on Netflix.

Verdict: Worth a watch for the Moore/Seyfried scissor session. Not the best thriller, but not bad.


Based (loosely perhaps) on James M. Cain's The Butterfly, this film was apparently financed by Zadora's millionaire husband. As is often the case with Cain stories, this one takes a bit to get rolling, but anytime things seem to be getting too slow they tend to show Pia's tits off. There was a lot of hatred for this film when it came out, a lot of it undeserved.

Verdict: If you like the noir on the trashy side, this is an interesting take on the genre.


Kal said...

Oh Pia, whatever happened to her. I had the kind of crush on her like you have on the pretty but stupid girl in your class.

I have said it before. Japan is a weird culture. Only that society could ever come up with something as wonderfully strange as Hentai.

I have to watch 'Chloe' because I do love me Amanda.

Darius Whiteplume said...

It is funny that apparently Zadora's husband bought off the foreign press to secure the Golden Globe for her.

Japan is definitely weird.

Chloe has some moments. Certainly a good time killer.

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