Monday, April 25, 2011

Fan-Boy Icon #40 - Michael Jai White

As if it is not enough to be the voice of Doomsday on The Justice League, or Gambol in The Dark Knight, or even Al Simmons in the live action Spawn, Michael Jai White is also that bad muthafucka Black Dynamite.

If you have Netflix and have not seen Black Dynamite, you are really doing yourself a disservice. You don't even have to love Blaxploitation to get into it, or even spoofs. It is a funny, clever movie where every single "mistake" is meticulously planned. White and Byron Minns (Undisputed) conceived the film, and it lovingly mocks, and pays homage to a very interesting genre.

A funny thing, which I heard on the Nerdist podcast's Black Dynamite show, was that in order to go for extra authenticity White did not play Black Dynamite, instead he created the character of Ferante Jones, fictitious former running-back for the Baltimore Colts, who played Black Dynamite. White describes Jones as having left the NFL after a broken neck during play and says that at times you can see that Black Dynamite cannot turn his head in one direction. That is some of the finest meta acting I have ever heard of.

Adult Swim will be having a Black Dynamite animated series, and White is in production for The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate with Jet Li. Check him out at the IMDb, you might be surprised at some of his credits.


Jack Ibbetson said...

I loved it and I'm glad someone else did. He is a nerd icon it's true. And a bad motha fucka.

Kal said...

Black Dynamite is one of my favorite movies of last year or the last few years. This was a spoof done with LOVE for the blacksploitation genre and it worked. Like I always say...the higher the concept the more full retard you have to go on the execution. This movie's execution was perfect. Those 'spoof' movies they have been making in the past years can learn a lot of lessons from this film. It also has a soft spot in my heart because when I reviewed it here at the 'Cave of Cool' I got a personal email from Michael thanking me for my opinion. I was totally jazzed after that.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Jack - it is definitely making a following for itself.

@Kal - that is solid! Check out that Nerdist podcast. They talk about all sorts of cool stuff about the creation of the film.

Rex Venom said...

Helllll yeah
Rock on!

Ty said...

Black Dynamite Rocks and Michael Jai White rules. He was great in Undisputed II and Blood and Bone.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Rex - Right on!

@Ty - I want to see Blood & Bone. Have not looked into Undisputed II.

Lee said...

Oh WOW! I didn't know they were doing an animated series - I'd much prefer a sequel but I will take any Black Dynamite on offer!!!

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Lee - I'd like to see a sequel too, but not sure what they'd do with it. Except for Blaxploitation Horror, they kind of covered all the bases. :-)

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