Friday, April 8, 2011

Nerd Girl of Note #108 - Brooke Lewis

Scream Queen Brooke Lewis first hit my radar when she co-hosted an episode of This Week in Horror a while back. She was cute and funny, and knowledgeable about the genre. Since then I have been trying to check out her movies, a few of which stream on Netflix; Kinky Killers (aka Polycarp), iMurders, and The Drum Beats Twice. She has done quite a few other films, and was producer/co-producer on many of them. Since I started prepping for this post I have gotten to talk with Brooke back and forth over Twitter.

The two films I have seen with Brooke are Kinky Killers and iMurders. The latter is the better film. It has an awesome cast. Aside from Brooke there is Charles Durning (The Hudsucker Proxy), William Forsythe (The Devil's Rejects), Billy Dee Williams (The Empire Strikes Back), and Tony "Candyman" Todd. Brooke portrays an FBI agent investigating a string of murders all associated with a social media chat-room. I think it is a nice, twisty thriller that leaves you guessing.

You should definitely be on the look out for Brooke's movies. She is an independent film producer with her company "Philly Chick Pictures" and I think she and the gang she runs with are bringing back a lot of what has been missing from the horror/exploitation genre. Both Kinky Killers and iMurders are well shot, predominantly well acted films with solid plots that do not rely on gimmickry. Both Sprinkles and Choose are currently in the festival circuit. At the Sinatra Club is on DVD and VOD currently. Slime City Massacre and the intriguingly titled Dahmer vs. Gacy will be released on DVD/VOD May 10th. Show Brooke some love and check out her films. She is awesome with her fans, and makes a damn fine movie. Check out the trailers and links below.

iMurders Trailer

Sprinkles Trailer

Slime City Massacre Trailer

Dahmer vs. Gacy Trailer


Brooke Lewis said...

You RAWK!!! :) I am so flattered that you did this...I LOVE it! Thank You!
XO Brooke Lewis

Darius Whiteplume said...

Not a problem at all. I really enjoyed iMurders, and Sprinkles looks very creepy/cool.

Ray Rousell said...

Can't be bad, putting a homage to an actress on your blog, then SHE comments on it!!!!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Thanks! She's a sweetheart. I've done a few that I know from Twitter, but I think Brooke is the first to post on the blog. I love the internet. :-D

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