Friday, May 13, 2011

Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars

Well, since Blogger tanked and hosed up this week's NGoN, I thought I'd do a fresh post on a new favorite game; Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars from Anna Anthropy on Adult Swim Games. [link]

This is and old school game in the style of Wizard of Wor, but with one-handed play like Pac-Man. You play the Spider Queen, and your mission is to quell a revolt. The slaves are rising against you and you use your crystal staff to recapture them.

Gameplay is pretty standard. Run around and hit slaves with your laser to bind them, then touch them to recapture them. If you turn from a slave before touching them they will remain bound for a time, but will eventually break free and be angry red slaves, moving quite quickly. There are six types of slaves; Slaves who run from you, Gladiators who run for you, Assassins who pop up and fire at you, Alchemists who run from you and leave a trail of fire, Armor who cannot be bound head-on, and Princesses. There are four levels each comprised of three stages, and a thirteenth level with the boss, the Queen's jilted girlfriend, Tarantula. You can skip to level two from the beginning if you wish, but must play out the remainder of the game.

On the maze screen-shot above there is a yellow bar in the top-left corner. This shows you how many slaves remain in the level; the lower it gets, the closer to finishing you are. The final level is comprised of slaves and Tarantula. It is easy enough to figure out how to defeat her, but it is not overly easy to accomplish.

Fortunately for me, you get unlimited continues. The only drawback is that your score is set to zero each continue, but if you are like me you are more interested in game completion than your score. It is an awesome little time killer, and gets pretty exciting.

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