Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventures in Gotham

Miss me over the last few days? You don't have to lie.

Hanging out in NYC for the rest of the week. The wife is at a CME conference, and I am playing the unemployed guy with money in his pocket. Bumming around. Currently having a latté and leek, onion and swiss quiche at The Café Grind on 10th Avenue.

Thus far, we are having a good time. Tuesday night we met fellow blogger Nathan and had pizza and hung out in the rain (that happens in cities, don't it?). He's the first of my interwebz friends I have met in the meat world, and really appreciate him coming up from south Jersey.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I just kicked around by myself most of the day. Made it down to Movie Star News, famously started by Irving Klaw and responsible for us all knowing who Bettie Page is. It is not a browsey kind of place. They have small scale movie posters to search through, but if you want 8x10s you have to ask, I assume. They seem more of an internet business than a real storefront shop, but I found some cool stuff. Oddly, the two things I specifically looked for I found; a poster for the Russell/Mitchum classic Macao and the Tom de Simone WIP classic(?) Prison Girls 3D.

Times Square was next. Oy vey, it is like Disneyland if it were in Hell. The throng of zombie-like tourists, and chain restaurants was maddening. I know, I am a tourist here too, but I do try to fit in a bit. We did find a few cool places off Times Square; O'Brien's was a cool little bar I had a beer in, and Lanagan's had awesome food and no tourists to speak of. I'll likely post some links later, or you can watch my Foursquare history.

Well, I don't want to ride this Café's wifi too long. Meeting one of my favorite bloggers tonight, and likely going to The Museum of Sex tomorrow. Magical? I think so.


Wings1295 said...

Sounds like a fun trip, so far!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Loving the city thus far. I could live here if I made a fortune ;-)

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