Monday, June 27, 2011

Fan-Boy Icon #47: Barely Political (@BarelyPolitical)

Sure, we love Weird Al here, but he's not the only guy doing parodies. Barely Political first made a name for itself with the Obama Girl (Amber Lee Ettinger) and the song "I Got a Crush... on Obama." My favorites of late are their Lady Gaga parodies, particularly the "Telephone" parody, even though it is a little mean :-) Most of the music appears to be performed by Mark Douglas, as he hosts their "The Key of Awesome" segments and appears in all the videos. Lauren Francesca portrays Lady Gaga in several videos. Check them out.


T. Roger Thomas said...

"Must act like a drunken whore at all times!!!"

it's in the contract.

Darius Whiteplume said...

They do some other good ones. The Bad Romance vid with Lady Gaga's "brother" Lord Gaga is pretty funny.

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