Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pointing Out Bigots (@homophobes)

Just when you thought people could not be more stupid, someone goes and points it out for you. Here is the bio for a Twitter account that is helping the ignorant get, I hope, a proper amount of revulsion.

"Giving homophobes the attention they're looking for. If you find something homophobic, tweet it to @homophobes! This account is run by a homosexual."

 Now, be warned if you go to their account, there is some seriously despicable shit there.

I don't have much to say on this, as I am reeling from some of the insanity. I did think of adding the users there to a "Loves the Cock" list, but that would be childish.

Wait. I'm childish...


Wings1295 said...

I suppose we can hope some of them see the error of their ways. But then again, hard to change people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing a blog post about @homophobes! Much appreciated! :)

It's a social experiment. Hopefully it'll help bring attention to homophobia and how much of a problem it is. Some people—especially heterosexuals—might not realize how much hate there is in the world. It's important to educate people.

But perhaps the project won't go entirely as planned. It's had some unfortunate drawbacks, but its also made people realize how much of an issue it is. We'll see how it goes. Perhaps some people will think twice about their views. We've seen some instances where a homophobe apologizes for his or her remarks.

We'll see. Again, thanks for writing about the account. :)

dave said...


Darius Whiteplume said...

@Joe - hope in one hand... kidding. I guess there can be change in some, but let's face it, the masses are asses.

@homophobes - Shame can be a powerful motivator, religion has used it for years and it is part of why these people are the way they are. Nice to see the table turned, if only to see how it goes. A handful of changed attitudes are better than none.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand political correctness. This right here is the reason gays are on my list.

Nothing wrong with being a perv, but if you're going whiny nagging minority type, then you're shit-listed.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I would consider hiding behind anonymity to be of the whining variety.

Lisa K. said...

I am heterosexual and everytime I see comments like the one above I think: 'I don't understand, why do you even care?'
No one is forcing homosexuality onto people and we shouldn't force heterosexuality onto people either. In many countries and states homosexuals are allowed to marry and surprise, surprise! There are still no frogs raining from the heavens or fireballs flying around.
I could rage and rage and I won't follow this twitter account, although I think it's a great idea, but it would make me very sad and depressed to read those comments.
Alone that anon above calling homosexuals 'pervs' ... I want to hit my head against a wall.
Wait, sometimes I wish fireballs would fly around...

Anyway, great move from you to post this and support the cause (:

Pere Ubu said...

It's always fun to see ignorant bigots whip up the Shield Of I'm Not Politically Correct.

Those crazy whiny minority types! Always wanting ridiculous stuff like being treated equally before the law, and not getting harassed, and not getting mugged, beaten, and left on a fence to die. Who could take such whackiness seriously?

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Lisa - Dennis Kucinich sold me on gay marriage prior to the 2008 US Presidential election. He said these were not gay rights, but human rights. Despite what people in this country think, all marriages are civil unions; it is just a contract between two people. The religious aspect is seperate, and the LGBT community has been having those for years.

@Pere - It can be a sick, sad world sometimes. :-( The worst comment was about lynching coming from a black man. We Southerners perhaps know better than our Yankee brethren that that past is not so distant.

@All - I will admit to having my own prejudices in the past, and likely some now if I were to really examine myself. The thing is to at least try moving past them. Despite all our technology, we are still in the stone age in many respects. Civilization does not make us civilized, it just gives us the opportunity to become so.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Side note; I will agree with Anonymous that there is nothing wrong with perversion, being a bit of a libertine myself.

Infidel753 said...

The value of this isn't for the twerps who twittered such twittish tweets -- they're unreachable. It's for the many people who don't have strong attitudes of their own, but take their cue from what the society around them deems acceptable.

A decade or two ago, gays were despised, and routinely held up for ridicule and abuse. We're now moving towards a norm where it's the bigots who are despised, and routinely held up for ridicule and abuse. That's what will make most people feel bigotry as something to avoid, and every step in that direction should be encouraged.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I do hope that pointing out asinine behavior will become a deterrent. Shame is powerful.

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