Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Premature Book Review: The Colette-Ashbee Collection (Shon Richards)

Friend of the blog, Shon Richards, has created a collection of short stories dealing with an interesting concept; an exclusive international library that collects and preserves great and notable works of erotica. The heroine, Claire Currie, is a former internet erotica author who lands a job as an assistant librarian under the tutelage of Oliver Dillon. Together they travel to meet owners of such works to procure them for the library, known as The Colette-Ashbee Collection. The blurb from Lulu:

"This novel collects the adventures of a pair of erotic librarians. Mr. Dillon is the boss and he delights in teaching and tormenting his sexy assistant, Claire Currie. Together they travel and find rare and unusual works of erotica. Contains bondage, discipline, exhibitionism, spanking, sex and books."

I enjoyed it a great deal. There are a few lengthy stories, and a few that are quite short. The final story is a whodunit that pits Ms. Currie's intuitive prowess against a cast of potential suspects in an attempt to find a stolen book. I was pleased to find out that my guess for the culprit was entirely wrong. Each story involves Ms. Currie being dominated, either by the harsh taskmaster Mr. Dillon, or other characters. In this way it is similar to Sade's Justine, save that Currie is (predominantly) a willing participant.

The book is available, like all of Shon's books, at Lulu in trade paperback or PDF format. I used an ebook translation program to change the PDF to a mobi file for my Kindle. Not terribly effective, but I am a novice user.

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Sounds interesting but I have a whole shelf of far more traditional material to get to

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