Monday, July 11, 2011

Fan-Boy Icon #48 - Dani Moreno (@amazing_mask)

I did a brief bit about this web series in the past, and Strange Kids Club did one recently, but it just keeps creeping back into my consciousness. The Amazing Mask is, to the best of my knowledge, a Mexican supernatural crime fighting web series. Moreno created/directs/acts, and I must say it is full of awesome. I do not know if there will ever be any more of it, but apparently the longer clip below is a pilot of sorts, titled "Amazing Mask Contra La Sorenatural Mujer Voodoo." The story, as I understand it is, The Amazing Mask is a luchador who fights crime with his teammate Little Boy. Their main enemy is "Calavera Maligna" (played by Moreno), an evil luchador, but in the pilot the main enemy is "Sugar Brown" as played by Brazilian porn star Dunia Montenegro. Together the baddies are creating a zombie apocalypse, which The Amazing Mask must stop.

The show is full of elements I love. Zombies, Voodoo and cartoon violence. A bit of sexiness and evil, evil bad guys. I wish I knew more about Moreno, as he certainly seems like my kind of guy. Unfortunately, the last post on their blog is from April of this year, and says a new episode is coming in a few days... their website is also apparently down... I'd love to see more. Rob Zombie, if you're reading this, give this dude a call muy pronto!

Lastly, a commercial, I assume for insurance, which proves that Spanish television is vastly superior to American television.


T. Roger Thomas said...

What a tease!

I'd be interested if you find the episodes online anywhere in the future.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I know, right? My Spanish is terrible, but I'd watch this for the visuals alone. Maybe my Spanish would improve along the way?

Grey said...

Wow!!! It's really amazing!!! Great job and big talent!!!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Not sure how Moreno feels about working in English, but I think Adult Swim would jump at Amazing Mask. Hell, they are weird enough to show it in Spanish, I would bet. One of the strengths is that even without understanding the dialogue you get what is going on.

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