Thursday, July 28, 2011

Short Movie Reviews

Elektra Luxx has many of the same characters as Women in Trouble. There are a few editions, but for the most part it continues where the last film left off. It was a lot of fun, though not as good as Women in Trouble, partly because it felt the need to explain everything to those who had not seen it. It is a nice wrap-up of the story, and Adrianne Palicki gets a lot of great laughs. Watched on DVD.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains is a cool rock movie starring Diane Lane, Ray Winstone and Fee Waybill (from The Tubes). It revolves a ne'er-do-well orphan and her less-than-talented band who are thrust into instant fame. Ray Winstone is the semi-slimy yet serious punk singer, and Fee Waybill plays an aging rocker at the end of his rope. There is some cool music in it. Winstone's band, The Looters, is comprised of members of The Clash (bassist Paul Simonon) and The Sex Pistols (guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook). It reminds me a lot of The Runaways, save that The Runaways had some talent. Streams on Netflix.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was quite good. I do not remember the book very well, but I think there was a touch of straying, mainly in that it was not as grim as the book. You did not have to see as many characters die as you read about. I saw it in standard format rather than 3D, and I can tell you it should not have been 3D-ified. There was very little that warranted it. Check your theaters for a 2D viewing. Ultimately a very nice end to the much loved series, and restored some of my fascination; something previous movies had tarnished.

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