Monday, August 8, 2011

Bomb Queen: Royal Flush, Queen High (Jimmie Robinson, 2006)

So, the world of comic books is drawing me back in. Long time readers likely know I have a real problem with comic books in general. To follow the story of most DC or Marvel titles, you have to read ten other titles. Too much expenditure for me. Not going to comic shops got me away from some of the great independent and/or self-contained titles like Cavewoman, Conan, The Maxx and many others. After getting recommendations from Amazon and gentle prodding from Shon Richards, I decided to check out Image Comics Bomb Queen.

Bomb Queen is the story of New Port City, a town with no heroes, but with one serious villain, the Bomb Queen. She is the de facto law in New Port City and rules with an iron fist. The thing is, no one really cares. She has created a sort of Sadean Utopia, save for its strict governance. There are special crime zones where typically illicit activity can take place without repercussion. Of course, there has to be conflict, which arrives in the person of mayoral candidate Robert Woods hires a costumed vigilante to take her out.

It is a cool story, funny and a bit dirty. Not as mature as some mature titles, but there is some nudity and language. The artwork is interesting, taking a bit of anime flair without over doing it. The Bomb Queen is unappollogetically evil, and certainly a mass murderer, but has that awesome flair that makes you like her anyway.

I read this via the Comixology app for the iPad. $1.99 an issue, and a four issue run.

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