Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bowling for Boobies

Hello folks. Time for one of my rare donation requests. Several friends of the blog are participating in Bowling for Boobies, a Los Angeles bowling tournament that raises money for the Busted Foundation.

The Busted Foundation grew out of Bowling for Boobies, a tournament to aid Edith Speed with her financial difficulties after a double mastectomy. Edith is no longer with us, but her friends have decided to keep up the effort to help other women with the extreme expense associated with breast cancer treatment. The goal is to create a national index of support, as often the means of financial support are not clear to patients. The Busted Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization with the IRS, and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of the U.S law.

Three women involved have been highlighted here at AiN, and all have been nice enough to befriend this aging nerd on Twitter. They are all great ladies. If you have a favorite, send them a few bucks if you can afford it. Any donation size is possible. If you like, think of it as buying me a beer. Send three bucks. It all adds up. Now, a bit about some of the participants.

Team: Speed Demons

Darla Crane is one of my longest standing Twitter friends, and was a friend of Edith Speed. A member of the Nerd Girl of Note sisterhood, Darla is an adult star, but loves the things we love. In fact, I first met her on Twitter due to a Star Trek post. Her donation page here.

Starina Johnson is the star of the very cool WIP film Stuck! as well as other Steven Balderson films. Starina is awesomely nice and chats with her fans on Twitter. Her new movie is Caserole Club. Her donation page here.

Other Speed Demons you may know are Go-Gos guitarist/singer Jane Weidlin, Reno 911 and The State's Thomas Lennon.

Team: Horror Starlets

Brooke Lewis is Nerd Girl of Note alum, and a horror star and producer. Brooke does a web series now, Ms. Vampy's Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk and In Between Tawk (or go to the Ms. Vampy site here) which talks to young girls about issues important to them like body image and school problems of all sorts. Brooke is also a great fan communicator and active on Twitter. Her donation page here.

Other Horror Starlets you may know are Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever, MoniKa), Allison Kyler (Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2), Jacky Belle (fx artist), Carlee Baker (The Woman, Wicked Lake), Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede), Gabby West (VH1's Scream Queens 2, Chillerama), Sarah Butler (I Spit On Your Grave), and Sean Decker (

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