Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bronco Pinball for iPad

There are free applications, and there are free applications worth having. Gottlieb's Bronco pinball for the iPad is the former. It is free until the flipper speed is corrected, according to the developers. Well, they have a few other issues to iron out as well.

The physics on the game are pretty terrible. Direction tends to be ok, but the ball speed seems uncannily uniform. Even the plunger seems to only send the ball at one speed regardless of how far it is pulled, and it it very wonky on when it wants to release. Beside the flipper speed, there is also an issue with the right flipper sticking.

I really wish this was a better application. It is beautifully rendered, and lets face it, looks like a real machine. Below is not a photograph of the real thing, it is a screen capture from the game. Unfortunately, even for free it is not worth having.


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