Monday, August 15, 2011

Fan-Boy Icon #52: John Vernon

One of the most wonderful character actors, in my opinion, is John Vernon. Sure, a lot of his characters wound up being versions of the same guy, but that is pretty common. Vernon is best known as the despicable "Dean Wormer" from Animal House, but was also in many movies and television shows (including quite a bit of voice work for animation, including my favorite Sorcerer Supreme on the Spider-Man animated series).

One of his perhaps best roles, though at times small, was as Fletcher in The Outlaw Josey Wales. He was a sympathetic antagonist to Clint Eastwood's Josey Wales, and got to stretch his acting legs beyond yelling a drunken frat-boys.


Thomas Pluck said...

John Vernor also played against Lee Marvin in the excellent "Point Blank." when they were reading lines, Marvin had to slap Vernor. He hit him so hard that Vernor began to cry.

Keir said...

What about his role in Dirty Harry? The kind of man whom I'd be proud to be berated at work.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Thomas - If Lee Marvin slapped me I would have to cry, just on principle. :-)

@Keir - I have not seen DH in a long time, but I have a feeling he was the seminal angry cop boss that gets copied in every film. "Dammit [cop character]! I can't have you running around as a loose cannon!"

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