Monday, August 15, 2011

Fearless Dawn (Steve Mannion, 2009) (@AsylumPress)

Fearless Dawn from Steve Mannion and Asylum Press is a way-out comic with the artistic view of R. Crumb and the action style that reminds this reader of Frank Thorne's post-Marvel work (Ribit [Comico, 1989] in particular). There is also a great deal of styling that reminds one of early Justice Society, Dick Tracy and perhaps Flash Gordon comics.

Fearless Dawn is an agent of The Syndicate, along with Number 7 and Agent Betty. While on a job for The Syndicate, Fearless Dawn falls into the hands of the evil Nazi Helga Von Kraus and her army of juiced up soldiers. After her rescue by Number 7 and Agent Betty they decide to take the war to Helga.

This comic ran four issues and are available at comiXology digitally (three for 99¢ and the final for $1.99). It appears the "special edition" of #1 is the same price as the standard, so check that one out in case there is additional material.

Fearless Dawn
F.D. and Number 7 attempt an escape.
This plan may have been a bad idea?
While these are rated as "mature" and readers need to be 17 to view them, aside from some language and Nazis there is nothing too offensive. It gets a little gory, but in a rather cartoon fashion. The sexiness comes primarily in the style of the pinup rather than sexual explicity. There was a follow-up series, The Bomb, which has more Fearless Dawn as well as "Jungle Chick" in more adventures.

Helga Von Krause


Keith said...

One of my favorites. Plus, Steve Mannion is really nice to boot!

Darius Whiteplume said...

I have just started The Bomb, which is also cool. I like his mixture of styles, which don't quite ape other comics, but remind you of them.

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