Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Femforce (AC Comics, 1985)

Shon Richards hepped me to Femforce from AC Comics, which purports to be the first all female superhero team. It ran for over 150 issues (20 years), which is quite good for an independent comic book. The book has some original characters, and some are revamped characters from the forties and fifties that had fallen into the public domain.

The first several issues are pretty straight-forward comic book material with an old serial feel to them. I was expecting it to be mostly cheesecake and parody. Certainly as the run continues it will get to be more of a T&A comic and start making fun of itself, but that happens with anything that has a long lifespan.

The main characters thus far are Ms. Victory, The Blue Bulleteer/Night Veil, She-Cat, Rita Rio, and Tara the Jungle Girl. While all have some male counterparts in other comics, they are still pretty solid characters on their own. Ms. Victory is a bit like Captain America, She-Cat is perhaps a bit Wolverine-like, Tara the Jungle Girl is similar to many jungle characters like Tarzan. The oddest of the lot, perhaps, is The Blue Bulleteer. She is like many pulp heroes (The Shadow, perhaps) before becoming Night Veil, who is like Doctor Strange or Doctor Fate.A recurring character who appears in Femforce is Colt, a take on western comics, but with a more modern twist.

There were numerous spin-offs and team-ups with other AC Comics characters, and even a Femforce role playing game called Superbabes by Tri-City Games. Well worth looking into for comic book fans.

You can find more information, and see some of the issues, at Cosmo Bell's blog.

She-Cat, Ms. Victory, and The Blue Bulleteer

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Doc Savage said...

I had the first few issues. The art was very good and the story was pulpy fun. It was good girl art but not hideously over the top as it later became.

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