Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nerd Girl of Note #127: Starina Johnson (@starinajohnson)

So, I am looking through the Nerd Girl of Note list and I see two things that trouble me. One, I did Elizabeth Kaitan twice. Two, I have neglected to profile my Twitter buddy Starina Johnson.

I first saw Starina in Steven Balderson's Stuck!, a retro-styled WIP film which takes the rather tawdry genre and adds some class to it (available on DVD from Netflix now, btw). Starina stars as Daisy, a good girl who finds herself wrongly convicted of murdering her mother. She also appears in Balderson's Watch Out, the story of a maddeningly narcissistic serial killer. Starina is also in Balderson's Casserole Club as "Kitty Bloom" - this one I have yet to see.

I talk to Starina on Twitter every now and then, and she is always pleasant and fun. The profile picture here is her doing some Dolly Parton modeling, which she said was just for fun. She is also on the Speed Demons team for Bowling for Boobies, which supports the Busted Foundation. Read my post on how they operate and how you can contribute here. Check her out and look for her movies.


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