Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Premature Game Review: Slayer Pinball Rocks for iPad

Sometimes I say I am not a gamer, and in some ways this is true. Once in a while a game comes along I love, but for the most part video games are not my thing. Pinball, on the other hand... I love pinball, and unless a table really, really sucks (or is broken) I will play a pile of tokens away. Problem is, pinball machines are few and far between in many areas; notably mine. What's a pinball nerd to do? How about this:

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Now, I did not get this because it was Slayer related, though that is not such a bad thing. It was pretty well reviewed at the iTunes store, and seems worthy of the praise.

The biggest problem I have had in the past with video pinball is the poor physics, but I have to say this one almost feels like the real thing. One thing I tend to rate video pinball on is the ability to catch a moving ball with the flippers. I don't know if there is a pinball term for this, but it is a great skill to have on a real table, and is actually possible on this game. I'm not talking about catching a ball from the side chutes, I am talking about a ball speeding directly to the flipper, and with just the right touch you stop it without returning it up the table. It is a finesse move, and this is the first video pinball game I have been able to do it on.

Now, I have not figured it out completely, and like a real pinball table it takes some getting used to. I am not sure how to accomplish some of the objectives, but there is a bit of a guide included. One thing I have avoided is the auto-view, which follows the ball more closely. This gets a little too move-y for me, and I prefer the full table so far, but who knows what the future holds?

Overall, it is a fun game which if it were not so good as video pinball I would love to play it on a real table.


Darius Whiteplume said...

By the way, the global top ten scores are all 2,147,483,647, which many users think is a hack, but that is a double Mersenne prime number (there are only four of these). It is 2^31, and is the highest bit value that can be assigned with a 32b processor (according to Wikipedia, so it is possible that either this is the teaser score or it is the highest score the game can calculate.

Kal said...

There was a great table in the student lounge at the college I went to. I could get a rum and coke with a sandwhich for five bucks and play an hour worth of pinball between classes. I swear that kept me off a watertower with a rifle during those years.

Darius Whiteplume said...

We used to play hours of Addams Family, Terminator, and Elvira pinball. Best thing about pinball in arcades is that the little rug rats don't want to play. Miserable bastards kicking my ass at Tekken! Grrrr!

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