Thursday, August 4, 2011

Short Movie Reviews

Casanova stars Heath Ledger as the fabled lover and Jeremy Irons as the Inquisitor out to get him. I am not overly schooled in Casanova, but frankly did not care for this one much. The performances were not bad, but it was a little too... Lifetime Original Movie for me. The Masterpiece Theatre version starring David tennant was far superior, but then they had six to ten hours to tell the story. I imagine it is hard to do a good Casanova story without getting too dirty or not dirty enough. It was a fair effort, but certainly did not live up to what I expect from Ledger, and Irons was very much the comic book villain. I did not realize that G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra hottie Sienna Miller was in it until I looked at the poster. Watched on DVD.

This Filthy World is a video recording of John Waters' stage show. In it he talks about his films and society. It has a lot of funny social commentary and great anecdotes for fans. I'm not sure if he discusses all of his films, but certainly a great deal of them. Waters is a little stiff in it, if you ask me. Maybe the format is not in his comfort zone? It felt very scripted, which I am sure it was, but it is awkward to know that it is scripted. Anyway, well worth watching if you are a fan. Streams on Netflix.

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