Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Timewaster: 8tracks

The totally rad Tenebrous Kate hepped me to, a site that lets you share music, theoretically without fear of copyright violations. You start an account and upload songs to their server. You can then place eight songs into a mix which you can share. I believe you can only have one song by an artist and one song from the same album. You can arrange the songs in the order you want. When you listen to a mix it is always in that order, but when another user listens more than once the order is shuffled. You can pause and skip songs, but not replay them immediately. When you create a mix you can give it a title and description, as well as a mix image. You can either upload an image or use a URL.

The upload process seems to be a tad slow, and the first time you use it it appears nothing is happening. Look to the bottom right, below your mix list, and you will see upload progress. They have an iOS application, which is a little flaky, and their website works similarly on iOS. Both are just for playing. There does not appear to be a BlackBerry application. Unsure about Android.

I have done three mixes so far. Nothing great, but mixtapes were not quite my specialty. These have some decent songs, and tend to stick to a theme nicely. The "Strange Love" mix is my favorite. NSFW, by the way. Find my profile here.

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