Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday: "Behind Locked Doors" (Mark A. Altman & Steven Kriozere,2011)

Lacy Rivers is a Hollywood star in trouble. Typical starlet stuff. Well, maybe not. She ran over some tourists while texting behind the wheel.

Femme Fatales is a new show from Cinemax which does individual stories rather than an arc. Starting strong, episode one is a WIP with a modern flair. As for the title, it appears to be associated with the magazine Femme Fatales.

The story? Well, Lacy (Kit Willesee) winds up in prison and cellmate Camille (Ana Alexander) seems to take a disliking to her, while HBIC "Big Aggie" (Heidi James) takes a shine. Lacy is standard "good girl" material, despite having actually committed a crime. Lacy is no favorite of the bulls either, save for an uncommonly attractive and overly sensitive male guard, Rafe (Will Poston). Sadistic guard Maxine (J.C. Brandy) has it out for Lacy, obviously. Camille starts to fall for Lacy, and then the real story starts.Turns out Lacy is the modern version of the classic good girl, meaning she's a player. She has a history of using her wiles to get what she wants, then throwing away those who helped her realize her goal.

HBIC "Big Aggie" and Lacy

They have done a good job with this one. It is as trashy as you expect from both WIP and "Skinemax" while still having a bit of an edge to it. It has a bit of Tales from the Crypt to it as well, with the bad guy getting it in the end; another exploitation staple is the morality play as an excuse to show naked people. It isn't Oz, but they do only have 42 minutes. If you are one of those with Cinemax, make sure you check this series out. Sure it is a cheesy tit-festival, but what is wrong with that?

Rafe hasn't got a chance.

Maybe he does?
Big ups to Shon Richards for pointing this one out to me.

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