Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Red Heat (Robert Collector, 1985)

More Soviet-style WIP action comes to us via Red Heat (aka Unschuld in Ketten). No, not the one with Jim Belushi and Arnold Swarzeneggar, but another power-duo of Linda Blair (The Exorcist, Chained Heat) and Sylvia Kristel (Emmanuel, Private Lessons).

Linda Blair stars as Christine Carlson, an American student engaged to an American serviceman stationed in some European country. She comes to visit and learns that he has reenlisted and will be staying in Europe. The unhappy Christine goes for a walk and witnesses the kidnapping of a political dissident. So, they grab her too. After a psychologically intense interrogation, she confesses to being a spy and is sentenced to three years in prison. Pretty light by Soviet standards I imagine.

Sylvia Kristel plays HBIC, Sofia, a lifer who is in the warden's pocket (not to mention her panties) and gets away with everything. Most of her gang sports facial tattoos, though they with ballpoint pen. Sofia doesn't play either. When a prisoner she torments regularly has the nerve to strike back... Well, they don't show us what happened, but it certainly did not look good.

Eventually we get back to the dissident, Hedda Kleimann (Sue Kiel), has been sentenced to fifty years. She is not impressed with Christine, who she believes to be either spineless or a CIA agent, neither of which are to her benefit and Christine's confession led to Hedda's conviction.

So, where is Christine's fiancé during all this? Well, he's trying to find out where she is. The US government apparently did not wish to acknowledge her arrest. So, he spends some time trying to locate her, eventually getting word from an Intelligence agent of her whereabouts. This gets him teamed up with some paramilitary guys who we can assume want to break their dissident friend out as well.

Overall it is not a bad film. It has a few problems story-wise. Blair is the stand-out. Once Sofia goes to far, Christine takes her to task, and Blair does a nice job with the transition from meek to vengeful. This one is not so full of T&A as you might expect (or want, perhaps).


Unknown said...

i can guarantee i wont enjoy this one :)

Darius Whiteplume said...

They aren't all winners ;-)

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