Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Locke & Key (Joe Hill/Gariel Rodriguez, 2008)

Locke & Key is a horror comic that I came across via kateordie this weekend. There are currently four collections out, the first of which is "Welcome to Lovecraft." This is a supernatural story involving a family who's father is murdered, a young misfit/psychopath, and a spirit of some sort, and culminates in Key House, found in Lovecraft, Massachusetts.

The story is a bit like a horror version of The Spiderwick Chronicles; fatherless family moves to old creepy house with a supernatural element. Fatherless children dealing with new school and home, new town and fresh grief. That's not to say the two are parallels, but there are some similarities. This one is much darker, and a touch on the gory side at times. The oldest son, Tyler, bears a lot of the grief for his father's murder, as the psychopathic killer tells him he did it for him after an offhand comment shared between the two.

Apparently, all the available issues are bound in four collections, both hard and soft-bound for $25 and $20 respectively, but digitally from IDW Publishing for $4.99 (at least on the iPad application). It is a nicely drawn comic, and the story is cohesive; none of that "lets throw this in and see if we want to run with it later" nonsense.

Quick note on the IDW application; it is fairly inferior to the comiXology application on a few levels, notably it does not have the Guided Tour aspect that makes comiXology very nice, but also once you start browsing their store it seems impossible to return to the storefront. Because of this it is hard to find special offers and free comics, as I assume you must know what they are to find them. Otherwise, they do have some interesting looking titles, and this was the first digital bundle of a series I have seen, so there are pluses.

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