Thursday, September 1, 2011

Premature Game Review: Trollbabe (Ron Edwards, 2002)

Here we have a game that wants to take me to a place I have never been, and may not wish to go: the storytelling RPG.

In Trollbabe all players portray trollbabes, a race somewhere between humans and trolls, but belonging to neither. These don't appear to be your typical D&D trolls. Maybe more Harry Potter trolls? Character creation is simple. Pick a number between two and ten. Anything you roll less than that number is a successful magic roll. Anything you roll over it is a successful fighting roll. Anything equal to or higher/lower (whichever range is greater) is a successful social roll. Conflict resolution is handled by declaring a goal for your action, and then deciding what type action to take. Success is decided by the game master and failure by the player.

Serious RPGers will likely find this rather wishy-washy. I described the game to the wife and she thought it was madness. I think it could be fun for those not overly interested in rules and who want a strong role-playing aspect. The rules are pretty simple; so simple in fact I had trouble getting a handle on them.

Trollbabes are big, fairly human looking, and have horns.


Unknown said...

I love trollbabes, they never talk back

Anonymous said...

I've not played an rpg in years, we used to play Rolemaster, which was very rules heavy. Back in those days I would've preferred a simple rules system like the one you described,then concentrate on plots and the like.

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