Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting Noticed

Hello all. Sorry all the posts have been out of the ordinary lately. Partly, the October Horror Movie Challenge is occupying my time. The other thing is the web comic I have been working on, Clerics Get No Love. I'm not here so much to pimp that endeavor as to discuss the challenges to getting noticed.

When I started Adventures in Nerdliness three years ago I stumbled upon the way to get followers. No, not by begging ;-) I searched Blogger for things I was interested in and started following blogs. Many of those bloggers started following me. It seemed slow going, but it appears I was approaching 100 followers within six months. This new web comic though, that is a different animal.

For now, it is on Tumblr, which makes it harder to promote. Me following others will not expand my base, as if I follow people it will be as Darius Whiteplume rather than Clerics Get No Love. So, the oneness is on my scant marketing ability and what little talent I have to attract a reader base. While I have somewhat of a pulpit between this blog and other social media, how much crap do you folks need from me every day? So, here is some of what I have been doing.
  • Tumblr Tags: the best way for people to search Tumblr these days is with post tags. If my post has "Dungeons and Dragons" and "webcomic" as tags, then anyone searching for those things just might see my blog.
  • Twitter Hashtags: I have Tumblr announce my posts on Twitter, so I edit the Twitter message to include relevant hashtags. If my post has #DnD and #webcomic, that is similar to the Tumblr tags for the Twitter set.
  • Twitter for the Site: Now, my posts go to @d_whiteplume from Tumblr, but I did create @ClericsGNL where I make occasional posts as the main character. Mostly jokes that do not fit in with the strip. I manually post links to new CGNL posts there as well.
Otherwise, I just hope it catches on. I am not interested in any of these "get more followers" services or advertising something I do for fun, but like the more creative people I know I just want it to be read more than anything. Of course, the interwebz are full of folks with the same ambition. It is kind of a fun challenge.


dave said...

hmm.. I don't know a lot about that but I'm subscribed in email using

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Sounds like you're going through a very productive period, keep at it :)

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