Monday, October 3, 2011

October Horror Movie Challenge Day 3

Art of the Devil aka Khon len khong (Tanit Jitnukul, 2004)

So... Take I know What You Did Last Summer, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Ring/Ringu and mash them together with Thai actriz mas sexy Supakson Chaimongkol and you likely have Art of the Devil. Add some semi-Voodoo and bad dubbing and you definitely have it.

This one is a little cheesy, even by horror standards, but has its moments. It gets a little hard to tell what the hell is going on. Here is my take on things...

A young girl, "Boom" (Chaimongkol, BKO: Bangkok Knockout, Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers) is set up with an older man who gets her pregnant. She demands assistance in the form of one million baht (฿1THB ≐ $0.03USD ∴ ฿1,000,000THB ≐ $32,000USD). I did all that math to make the rest a bit more meaningful. He gives her the money, but later says for that amount of money he gets to "share" her. So, she is gang raped, presumably by the man's sons. She later demands more money for the indignity, which leads to him beating her up. Soon the man and his entire family, plus a few "innocent" bystanders are dead. A reporter thinks there is black magic involved.

After that, it gets a bit confusing.

I assume that Boom is trying to get the inheritance money from the dead gang rape instigator, but it is a little hard to tell her actual motives. She gets help from a Voodoo priest and starts killing a lot of people through mystical means.

I have definitely seen worse, but this one was just so hard to follow.

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