Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shit Talkin' Tough Guys: Yvonne Atkins

After pouring through four seasons of the UK WIP drama, Bad Girls, I thought it would be appropriate to do a new Shit Talkin' Tough Guys post to let you all know about one of my favorite characters from the show; Yvonne Atkins, played by EastEnders' regular, Linda Henry.

I won't be including a lot of quotes, as Atkins is more of an old-school gangster moll who uses menace in her dialogue that likely does not translate to text well. She also gets a lot of humor, and is an all-around great character.

Atkins began her term at HMP Larkhall late in series one, and it was a little hard to tell where she was coming from. She threw a lot of money (well, prison money) around, and made friends quickly. As well as enemies. We learn pretty quickly what is going on as her mob connections are revealed. Once she gets previous HBIC Shel Dockley under her thumb, she pretty much runs the place. Check out the video below for a nice overview of the character.

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